“You Look Cute”

by Heidi

My Gunnar-bear can really melt my heart.  Every day there are at least a few moments of tenderness coming from Gunnar’s heart to mine.  This quote is from one of those wonderful moments. 

Gunnar looking down at my freshly painted toe nails, says with his super sweet, only for Mommy voice, “Mommy, you look cute.” 

He has told me this a few times in the last month or two.  The first time was when I was a little more fixed up, going to church.  As for the melting my heart factor, this sweet phrase closely rivals the rare, unexpected, “I love you, Mommy.”  I love these little treasures as I know the Golden Years when Mommy and Daddy are top of the list, will soon be a thing of the past, never to return.