Bread and Butter

by Heidi

Yard work.  Digging up the “sticky bushes” in our backyard was the goal for our Saturday morning.  I don’t really like yard work of any kind – the digging up or the planting or the pruning.  So, it’s no wonder that my rose bush that I just had to have had way overgrown its specified area.  Having retrieved many balls and cars and golf clubs from the sticky bushes, I decided it was time.  Which meant, Steve had a job to do this morning.  Sure I helped, but my sweet husband carried 90% of the load.  Gunnar and I may have shared 10%.  The job was successful and even fairly pleasant which was kind of surprising since I usually make these kind of decisions in July when it’s so hot we come in near heat stroke.  Instead, today was cool, breezy and mostly over-cast while we worked. 

Late in the morning, I looked around and realized we have a beautiful back yard with lots of trees for shade in the afternoon and bulbs planted for strategic color all around.  And, there in the middle of all this is a fun, strong, cute, happy, rambunctious, helpful, determined, and sweet little boy.  Also, in my arms is a baby girl in whose gorgeous, long lashed, brown eyes I see the depth of my love for her reflected back to me.  These are our children.  Steve reminded me that we asked for this “bread” and we received it in abundance.

After some reflection, I realized that not only did we receive bread, but we were given butter too.

 Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?  ….how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 
Mt. 7: 9-12