Come with us, Daddy

by Heidi

Several days ago I was taking the kids to Sutton’s birthday party in a town about an hour away.  I was busy running around throwing things in a bag, making sure I had blankets for Graceanna, change of clothes for both kids, food for Graceanna, water for Gunnar, the birthday present, etc. when I heard Gunnar say,

“Daddy, you could come with us, so I don’t have to worry about the bumpy road.” 

I have never heard Gunnar use the word “worried.”  I did not know he ever felt worried about anything, although, we are very aware of his bumpy road aversion.  He decides which restaurant (McDonald’s or Chic fil A) he would like to go to based on whether or not we will travel a bumpy road or a blue road.  (To read more about the bumpy road and blue road saga, click here for a great post by my hubby.)  The only reason we have been given for his dislike of bumpy roads is because they are, well, bumpy.   Steve and I both think it might be because of the speed, but who knows.  Maybe we will figure it out one day.

So, back to getting ready for our one hour trip on the bumpy road.  First, I thought Gunnar’s comment was about my driving.  You did too, you can admit it.  But, after listening more, he just wanted Daddy to come, because he feels safe with Daddy.  He knows that Daddy takes care of us, and even when we are afraid, Daddy can handle it.  Hearing Gunnar’s request, my heart swelled.  I have a husband that has demonstrated his protection and trustworthiness not only to me but to our young son.  And, then, also to have a son who adores Daddy and feels safe with him.  It’s more than I can contain.

I ask the question, do I trust my heanvenly Father with this same abandonment in the safe things, the hard things, the impossible?  Do I invite him to go on the bumpy road with me? 

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10

For the record, we made it to the birthday party and home without incident.  I did notice that Gunnar did not peel his eyes from the road and must have had cramps in his hands from white nuckling it all the way.  What in the world!  I have given him no reason for concern!