To the Dentist

by Heidi

Yesterday was Gunnar’s first trip to the dentist.  He was definitely apprehensive but he let the hygenist count his teeth with that silver pokey pick thingy.  Then, she even polished his teeth with Bubblegum flavored polish using that spinning power tool thing.  You know that thing that sucks out the water they spray in your mouth?  Well, that was definitely the most concerning part for him.  I don’t blame him, I still have trouble openning my mouth with it trying to suck my lungs out.  The dentist looked in his mouth and told me that his back tooth has some malformed enamel.  He doesn’t predict that it will be that way on his adult teeth, but this baby tooth will probably decay before it’s time for it to fall out.  I had never heard of malformed enamel.  Does anyone have any experience with this?




What an excellent experience.  Gunnar was so brave!

And, the highlight for Gunnar was getting a blue tooth brush.