First Baseball Game

by Heidi

 Originally written 5/23/09:


Gunnar and Papa finally made it to the Travelers Minor League baseball game last night.  Their previous attempts ended up rained out and one overcrowded with kids due to a special day for schools.  Earlier yesterday, Mamaw and I were telling Gunnar about his upcoming trip to the baseball game.  And, evidently he was thinking, ‘I’ve heard this story before,’ because he said, “go this time?”  We said, “Yes.  This time you will get to go.”  Then, the clouds rolled in and it looked like rain was imminent.  But, not a drop fell! 

So, Gunnar got to go to his first ever baseball game!  An usher gave him a baseball.  He’s told us over and over about the foul balls hitting the roof, and he laughs and laughs.  He’s says that is his favorite things at the baseball game.  Thanks Papa for a memorable night!