by Heidi

Poppa has picked Gunnar up every Monday to go to gymnastics for many weeks.  And, today was the last day, so parents were invited to take pictures.  Gunnar was not thrilled with being watched.  In fact, he pouted and wouldn’t do anything at first.  Then, he started showing off a bit.  I think Gunnar’s teacher really enjoyed him, but it was clear that she felt she would not get him to do the finer points.  On the headstand, they are supposed to “glue their legs together.”  The girls did.  Gunnar seemed deaf when this type of instruction was given.  The girls seemed intent on trying their best to stick the landing and all the proper techniques.  Gunnar seemed intent in bounding around as fast and hard as he could.  Exactly what any 3 year old boy should do!  And, the morning continued on in that form.  He made one friend Emily, but she didn’t get to come today.  (The boy in the pictures was part of a different group most of the time.) 

Thanks Poppa, from both of us.  Gunnar really enjoyed his time in gymnastics and so did I. 🙂