The Blinding Roaring Monster

by Heidi

The blinding roaring monster, aka the vacuum cleaner, made another appearance last night.  I tell Graceanna, “It’s ok.”  “It’s just going to be a minute.”  “You will be fine.”  But, my words don’t do much to quiet her cries or stop the giant tears rolling down her cheeks.  After several weeks of holding her while I vacuum, I decided to only vacuum when Daddy could hold her.  (It’s much quicker and less painful this way.)  As I was vacuuming last night, she kept a wary eye on me most of the time but did not cry or squirm.  And, by the end she didn’t even seem to notice the monster.  What’s the difference I thought to myself?  For one thing, she’s higher than the scary monster, and therefore bigger and stronger than the foe.  She can also see more of what is really happening rather than being blinded by the giant glowing eye and overwhelming roar.  Also, Daddy’s strong arms are around her.  She can feel him in addition to hearing him.  One day my voice will calm her, while as a baby, my words don’t really make sense to her.

In this life, we all have many monsters.  And, frankly, they have much deeper consequences.  Or do they?  If our perspective is high enough we can see the whole picture.  We can see that while we may not be stronger than the monster, we are in the arms of the one who is.  And, if we are no longer babies, his words will calm and comfort us.  One day, the blinding, roaring monster will over take us for a time.  And when that day arrives, we will have God’s perspective forever and monsters no more. 

But, I still find myself eagerly avoiding the monster, even if it is only a vacuum cleaner.