Week in Review

by Heidi

Monday:  Max came to our house for a play date.  His Mommy got to run errands and I got to focus on some housework.  It’s fun that the boys are old enough to interact.  And, they play without needing constant supervision.  Is this the beginning of a new era?  I might like this one.

Tuesday:  Gunnar’s first day in the pool this year.  He had a death grip on me, but we both enjoyed it.

Wednesday AM:  Gunnar’s first private swimming lesson.  I love his teacher.  She said he was very scared but still did what she asked him to do.  She thinks he’ll be swimming on his own in 6-8 lessons.  She has two focus points which I agree with totally.  The first is that they learn to float on their back.  The second is that they learn they can get in and out of the pool from any location by pulling themselves out, so if they fall in, they know they can get out right there.  Often, people think they have to swim to the stairs or ladder.  I really like these two points as they both could save your life.

Wednesday PM:  We hosted our first Summer Bible Study.  I’m using a really neat book for toddlers to teach a bible story, craft, and usually a song.  We decided to invite several friends to hang out with us. 

Thursday AM/PM:  We played with two different friends. 

Friday:  A much needed day at home with no agenda!!!  But then, Graceanna was burning up when I got her out of her crib after her morning nap at 10:45.  So, off to the doctor we went this afternoon.  It’s 10:30 pm now and she currently has a 104.5 temp.  She probably has a fever virus and there’s nothing they can do for her.  In case she has strep (the culture will finish Mon) she started an antibiotic.  As long as she isn’t lethargic (true lethargy is blank stare, no interaction, can’t rouse them much, no eye contact.  it is not laying around not playing too much) she doesn’t need to go to the ER.  But, if her fever hits 105, I’m taking her I think.  Also, if she happens to a fever related seizure, I will take her to the ER.  The doctor said these aren’t too common and very, very rarely will result in any problems.  So, I feel a little better about that, but I’m ready for her to feel better.  She’s pretty pitiful.  Her skin is hot to the touch and she’s whining a lot and wants to be held all the time.  She has a powerful gag reflex, so often I get the tylenol down and she gags herself to the point of throwing up.  Lovely.  Oh well, I’m getting some cuddle time at least.

So, this was a totally boring update, but I’m amazed at the crazy week we’ve had.  I’m pretty sure Graceanna did a few cool developmental things too, but at the moment I can’t remember them.  Off to bed for us.  I do have a couple fun pictures I hope to upload later this weekend.