Week in Review – Part 2

by Heidi

Update on the sicky:  Graceanna’s temperature has been low all day.  Under 100 until about 4:00 and then it’s been around 101.  She’s much more irritable though now than she’s been the whole time.  She’s wanted to be held constantly since 2:00, but now she’s in bed asleep.  Hopefully, she’s on her way to health!

So, I wanted to add some more tidbits of our last week including some of my favorite pictures.  The biggest thing I forgot to mention is that Steve and I celebrated 13 years of marriage on Tuesday, June 2!  We went to a nice dinner at a new restaurant and saw the movie Up.  It was a great movie and so fun to see on our anniversary.

Finger Hats!
Wednesday morning, Gunnar played outside in the mud and had to have a bath when we should have been leaving for swimming lessons.  Evidently, I was still annoyed by this, when on Thursday evening he came in the door talking about something I couldn’t understand and displaying his mud covered hand.  But, my irritation was replaced with laughter when Steve and I realized he was showing us his Finger Hats!


I have a hard time catching his face when he’s running around crazy, so when I get a picture like this I can’t resist sharing it.  I took this just this afternoon after he and Daddy cleaned up the yard and played baseball.  Notice his red, sweaty face.  On a side note…this kid is so athletic.  We gave him a few pointers on hitting the ball and he’s got perfect form with just a little concentration.  He’s standing here “dancing” as I type this, and I must say, baseball may be in his future but I’m quite sure dancing is not. 🙂


This week, I picked up the photos I had taken of Graceanna at JCPenny’s.  One afternoon, Gunnar was waking up for his nap, just as I was getting one photo in a frame.  I held it up for him to see.  His reaction took me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes.  His face broke into a huge smile and his eyes got big and he said, “Oh.  Thank you Mommy.”  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this kind of delight on his face before.  I wish you could have seen it.  There are not words to describe this moment.  I quickly figured out he thought I framed that picture for him for his room.  Well, he’s got one in his room now.  I hope he always loves his sister this way.  His love is not something that can be taught or explained or really even something I imagined, but he thinks she is the best thing.  And, she is!

I just had this photo printed of Graceanna and it’s even more beautiful in print.  This was taken about 10 days ago.  I love her tiny smile.


I love this dress.  She wore this to church last Sunday.  My mom has made her a really pretty smocked pink dress and we received this one as a gift.  Someone else gave us about 4 hand-me-down smocked dresses.  They needed some repair but they are as good as new and so sweet on her.  I just love smocking on little girls.


First Words!
Last night after one of her many cold baths, I was sitting on the couch cuddling her.  She was still kind of mad about her frigid bath water.  Steve walked in the room towards her and she gave him a sweet smile and said, “Daddy.”  I’m serious.  Steve isn’t sure, but I am.  Also, this last week, she started saying “hi” when I walk in her room to get her out of her bed.  I always say this to her in a sing songy voice and she was doing the same.  A couple weeks ago, she said “Mama” a few times, but I’m not sure she was really calling me “Mama” or just practicing her sounds.  But, let the record show – her first words were “hi” and “daddy.”  I’m sure of it!

She loves to pat things too.  She pats her bottle, my arm, or even the floor beside her.  It looks like she’s inviting you to sit down.  She started clapping last week too.  And, the first time she waved was May 9th.  When she and I walked into a room full of women, she started openning and closing her fist and then, she lifted up her hand and waved at Grandma.  She’s so sweet.  She has a sweet way about her.  But, then, she will also gag up any food she finds yucky that she accidently swallowed.  Spunky!