The bee-bee

by Heidi

Since things are so boring here at our house, Gunnar decided to spice it up by pushing something up his nose.  The something, is one of many plastic bee-bees (shot into our yard from the neighbor kids) that we find in our back yard.  Late last summer, Gunnar was finding these bee-bees and putting them in his mouth.  This is not surprising as he still puts everything in his mouth.  But, we really didn’t want him swallowing these things, so Steve had a great idea.  “Gunnar, for every bee-bee that you bring inside and don’t put in your mouth, I will give you an M (M&Ms).”  This worked great and many months later, he’s still bringing one in occassionally for an M. 

I guess, yesterday, he decided to try something a little different.  “Hey, I wonder what will happen if I shove this in my nose?”  I didn’t hear these words, but I’m sure that’s what he was thinking.  Well, he shoved it in and then found me to get it out.  So, I grab my tweazers and lay him back on the couch and what do you know!  I CAN”T EVEN SEE IT!  It’s 4:20 and my doctor’s office closes at 4:30.  (I knew to call the doctor, because one of our friends had to get a Cheerio pulled out with the big giant tweezers only pediatricians get to use.)  I get the doctor’s office on the phone, but get put on hold, and eventually they disconnected me.  Meanwhile, Gunnar wasn’t too concerned about his predicament until he heard me say “doctor.”  Then, he began really working to get the bead (this is what we call the bee-bees) out.  Finally, I convince him that shoving his finger up there was not going to help and that he should try blowing really hard.  After a few attemps, the bee-bee came flying out of his nose like it had been shot out of the gun. 

Yay.  Now, I can go back to my crying all day, gums hurting, just getting over being sick, baby girl.

Mommy, can I have my M now?

Uhm.  No.