The Cover-up

by Heidi

We are experimenting with a new bedtime rule at our house.  We have all the usual getting ready for bed tasks including a few races to the bathroom or bedroom and back again.  Then, after wrangling through all of that, we read some books, sing songs, pray, and then finally cover up with a very precise order of bed linens.  Or something along those lines but we always finish with our precise covering.  Sometimes, we are delayed even further by someone not wanting to go to bed.  Thus, the new rule goes something like this, “If you are not in bed by 7:45, we don’t get to sing.”  This is not a hard and fast rule and is employed depending on a lot of different circumstances during the day.   The idea is that we will cut down on the every increasing and creative stall techniques our little one is employing.  I say we are experimenting because we haven’t been consitent with this in the slightest, all because Steve and I aren’t sure if we really like this new rule.  Some nights we are late getting him into bed because we mowed the lawn, or dinner was ready late, or it was just so nice outside or we really want to sing.  Anyway, the point of this post is not the reasons for the rule or even our lack of consistnecy in the rule.  The purpose is to tell you of Gunnar’s great idea and how it made me think.

Several weeks ago, it was a really late night and way past time for Gunnar to go to bed.  We were having such a good time and he was being such a sweet boy, but he really need to get to sleep.  So, Steve and I brought out the, “It’s past 7:45.  We’re sorry we can’t sing tonight,”  (Yes.  He can tell time on the digital clock.  He doesn’t really understand time, but he understands the numbers.)  He was really disappointed and on other nights he might have an angry word or action.  But, this particular night, Gunnar had an idea. 

He threw his blanket it over the clock.  With the clock fully covered he said, “There!  Now we can sing.”  At first we didn’t get it, so he continued to explain that since it was covered up, it was irrelevent or maybe it didn’t even exist.

I immediately thought, “I sure wish that worked Gunnar” since there are lots of things about life that I wish didn’t exist or could at least be covered up to eliminate their relevence.  And, then it occurred to me.  I throw the blanket over things all the time.  Sometimes the blanket goes over the fact that I rarely make my bed or my kids only get about 3 baths per week.  Really, these things are inconsequential (to me) but there other feelings and questions and characteristics about me that I’d rather throw the blanket over.

Isn’t it great news, even though we may cover up things from some people around us and sometimes even from ourselves, God sees right through the cover up.  And, he desires to see through any covering technique we may employ.

[Rejoice!]  You desire truth in the innermost being!  Psalm 51:5