A Mouse?!?!?!

by Heidi

Last week Gunnar came in from the backyard telling me, “Mommy, Sadie house a mouse!” 

Mommy:  What!  How do you know it’s a mouse?

Gunnar:  Because I touched it.  It was soft.

Mommy:  Oh!  Gross!  Take off all your clothes.  We’ve got to wash all the way up to your shoulders with antibacterial soap.

Enter a very dirty, stinky, prancing and clearly pleased with herself, Sadie dog.

Later that weekend Sadie is happy to present us with her gift of a lizard. 

Then, she ‘s barking so Steve goes out and watches a chipmunk race to the down spout of the gutter system.  Sadie then proceeds to rip the down spout off the house which allowed the chimpunk to escape to the safety of this tree. 

Where he began to mock Sadie.