by Heidi

Most people who know me well, know that I LOVE to go swimming.  I’m so happy that Gunnar loves to swim too!  At the beginning of the season he was very afraid of the water.  In fact, during his first swim lesson he was grinding his teeth.  I’ve never known him to do that before.  He was terrified.  His swim teacher is great and continued working with him.  I’m amazed at how well he has progressed.  He is super proud of himself,  because he jumps off the side into the pool and he “goes underneath.”  (He loves to say, “I went underneath!”  To get the full effect you have to have your eyebrows raised up and use a sing songy voice.  sooo cute!)   From the very beginning he has kept his eyes open under water, so he’s really good at playing “the fishing game” with Coach Karen.  She has some brightly colored fish dive rings that he like to go under to get.  Last Wednesday before his lesson, he cried several times and had a few fits saying he didn’t want to go.  I guess he changed his mind when we go there though.  He jumped right in the water from the side.  That’s the first time he’s done that.  Coach Karen said to me, “Who is this?  And, what have you done with Gunnar!”  He was a changed guy.  I told her she was finally meeting the real Gunnar; fun, brave, and in charge!  Now he is excited to see her every week.  These pictures were taken last Thursday, July 16 when we went swimming with Kennedy and her little brother Caleb.  Gunnar has asked me to get some pictures of him at his next swim lesson.  I hope he doesn’t change his mind when we get there. 🙂