Swim Lesson Videos

by Heidi

So, my hubby has become a blogger with lots to say.  And, I have been an absentee blogger.  So, as to not be out done, I have added VIDEOS!!!! 

It rained during our swim lesson last week and when the thunder hit about 10 minutes into it, we had to call it a day.  I wouldn’t take my camera out of the bag, but I did get to shoot some video.  I don’t know anything about editing, so these are 3 videos of about 1 1/2 minutes each.  I wish I could put them all together in one, but that won’t happen today.

Some Graceanna pictures will be coming to the blog soon, but for now I will just say that I have to revise my “teeth” update.  She still just has ONE tooth, but as of yesterday she’s so cranky, I really think that other one will pop through any day.

And now for the feature presentation: