Swimming Lesson Pictures

by Heidi

Here are some pictures from Gunnar’s swimming lesson yesterday.  He’s doing so well and he loves it!  Since this is my blog, I’m going to take a moment and boast about my child’s talent.  (Maybe that is all I do on this blog, but oh well.  my blog.  my stories. :))  Gunnar is a natural athlete.  I know that’s not a surprise to anyone who knows him, but I’m continually amazed.  He instinctively wants to dive rather than the canon ball thing most kids do.  He was shown one time how to kick his feet and he is doing it perfectly.  He’s really determined to learn to back float well.  He always says, “I want to do it myself.  Don’t help me.”  He’s really learning how to do it, but he is still fighting that feeling of relaxing in the water.  Relaxing in the water is completely unnatural, but once he gets it, I know he’ll do great.  And, I will feel so much better knowing he can roll on his back and float if he’s ever in trouble in the water.

Now, my biggest problem is that he wants to go in the water by himself without his life jacket.  That is one battle I will win every time, but it’s a great battle to be fighting since I was just trying to peel him off my neck at the beginning of the summer.

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