Fabulous Foursome

by Heidi

The day had finally come for Max & Annabeth to come stay with us for a couple days.  Gunnar & Graceanna had stayed at their house about a month ago, and now it was our turn to host!  So, Friday afternoon it began.  I quickly realized, as Valerie had characterized during her bunkin’ party weekend, we have four distinct individuals here.  Gunnar quickly identified himself as the older (about 10 weeks) and wiser leader (i.e. kinda bossy); Max slid into his role as our comedian and dancer; Annabeth charmed us with her smile and sweet little voice; and Graceanna, well, she just tried to keep up with the big kids and did her own share of creating chaos by getting into the dog water and food.

Friday night after dinner, we went to Pappa’s outdoor band concert.  In the past, Gunnar has been leery of the loud noise, but this time he started bobbing his head to the beat.  Max busted out with a full dance.  Unfortunately, I deleted most of my pictures from that evening. 

IMG_0002 e1


Saturday morning began with some waffles!

IMG_0012 e1

I think this picture is evidence that Max was awakened by another crazy young boy before he was ready.

IMG_0009 e1


Saturday afternoon we went to the playground at church.  Graceanna decided she might try to stand on her own.  She never made it, but she sure did get dirty.

IMG_0123 e1


IMG_0083 e1


IMG_0079 e1


IMG_0038 e1


And, finally I will tell you  my favorite conversation of the weekend. 

Gunnar went into Annabeth’s room (our closet) when she woke up from her nap and began a conversation with her about dinner.

Gunnar:  Annabef, you know what we having for dinnu?  We are having piii-zza!  (You must imagine this with his trademark raised eyebrows and sing song voice on the word pizza.)  Annabef, you like pizza?

Annabeth:  yeah.  (Annabeth has a soft, sweet, fairy-like voice.)

Gunnar:  We are having pizza with macawoni on it.  You know what macawoni is?  It’s wed circles.  And, it has cheese too.

Annabeth:  oooh.

Gunnar:  It’s a big circle, and Daddy cuts it into triangles!  Annabef, you like pizza?  IIIII do.

We ordered a large pizza, and it wasn’t enough to feed this crew.  Thanks to Steve, I got to eat pizza while he settled for a sandwich.  They all ate unbelievably well at every meal.  And, even the vegetables too.  It’s amazing what kids will do to impress each other or maybe it was for some fresh-ou-of-the-oven bread. 

We really had a lot of fun, but I ain’t gonna lie; we were ready to take them to church, because as Steve said, “you boys need some Jesus in you!”  They had been fighting all morning and Gunnar melted into teary puddles several times.  But, after an hour or so in separate classrooms and a little Jesus poured on, everyone seemed ready to play again.   So, we’re ready to host a bunkin’ party for the Fabulous Foursome again; maybe in six months or so!

Updated Comment:  It may sound like Max made Gunnar cry.  Not so!  The Sunday morning bickering was equally contributed to by both parties.  Gunnar’s uncommon breakdown I’m sure was due to exhaustion!  Just didn’t want to come across sounding like the “other guy did it!”