Balloon Ear

by Heidi

Sadie had a traumatic week.  Her ear flap swelled waaaaay beyond normal size.  The vet said she had broken a blood vessel in it and hopefully it would clot, and she’d absorb the fluid.  But, after a few days, her ear continued to get bigger and bigger.  Long story, short.  She had a little surgery on Thursday to suture the blood vessel.  They also removed a cyst from her back leg and cleaned her teeth.  I wanted to get my money’s worth on that anesthesia!

Steve thinks she hurt her ear while she was hunting in the back yard.  She’s a determined hunter and even the scent of a frog or lizard will send her digging (like she’s psychotic) under the deck, along the fence, or around rocks.  He remembers her going after a lizard pretty good the day before. 


It’s kind of hard to tell, but her right ear is swollen to about an inch thick where normally it’s almost as thin as a heavy card stock.  Her ear was so full of fluid and heavy, she couldn’t even perk it up. 



Poor puppy.  The last night before surgery, she kept bringing me her ear. 

Now she’s coming to me to have her neck scratched or help her with a cup of water.  Yes.  I’m serious.  We’re basically hand feeding her.  She can manage to pick up her food, but I’d rather just give her a cup of water rather than clean up the mess of her multiple attempts.


She doesn’t look as embarrassed as most dogs do when they have to wear the collar, cone, lamp shade – whatever you want to call it.  But, none the less, it must be humiliating not be able to eat or drink or even sniff the ground for the perfect potty place.