Summer Bible Study

by Heidi

Gunnar & I hosted a summer bible study for his friends.  I use the term “bible study” very loosely.  For the most part, we just played, but we did have a bit of spiritual conversation.  I found a tool that I really loved and picked one lesson for each week.  The kids had actions or sounds or some way to participate during the story that I told.  Every week the kids colored, cut, and pasted the craft – a Biblerama.  On the back of their Biblerama were questions and discussion ideas to use at home to drive home the point.  We usually had a song, and all the moms were jealous of my fabulous singing voice.

IMG_9453Jack, Rachael, Graceanna, Gunnar, Allison, Gus, and Lucy
We had a different group of people every week which was good since we invited a lot of people.  I wish I had taken a group picture every week.

IMG_0199Some of our Bibleramas 

Our topics included:

Daniel – God protects us and is with us
Jesus calms the storm – Jesus sometimes protects us, but He is always with us
Jonah – God listens to us
The prodigal son – God forgives us
Zacchaeus – God forgives us
Jesus came as a baby – God’s gift