Gunnar’s Getting Married

by Heidi

Today we drove past the apartments were Steve and I lived right after we got married.  I pointed them out to Gunnar.  Gunnar is never at a loss for words, so the following conversation should not have surprised me.

Gunnar:  You gettin meh-weed again?

Mommy:  No, we only get married once and it lasts a lifetime.  Someday when you are grown up you might get married too.

Gunnar:  When I’m 5?

Mommy:  No.  Maybe like 25.  You’ll meet a nice girl and decide to marry her.

Gunnar:  I goin to meh-wy Kennedy.  I goin ta have a Lightenin McQueen dwess with Chic and King.  Daddy goin ta have a Cars dwess too.  Mommy, you gonna have a pwincess dwess.

Mommy:  What kind of dress are you going to get for Kennedy?

Gunnar:  She goin to have a Cars dwess.

Ok then.  Probably not what Kennedy has in mind for her big day, but I’ll let her mom know so they can start planning.