by Heidi

I know I’ve promised Graceanna’s birthday party pictures, but I just can’t wait to post these. 

Friday night we had so much fun surprising our friend Brad for his 30th birthday.  He thought he was arriving with the ice he promised to bring for “Steve’s surprise birthday party.”  I really think we got him!  My pictures aren’t stellar, but I think they tell the story fairly well. 

Allison did a great job with the planning of the party of course.  But, when she honored her sweet Brad, the time went from being a super fun party to a moment you always hope to remember.  I love hearing her tell about his tenderness toward people especially her.  Another one of my favorite people told about Brad being the type of man he hoped his daughters would marry.  I have to second that emphatically!  Brad is the type of guy to whom I would entrust my daughter. 

“Here’s the ice!….   Hey……..”




“You got me.”

IMG_0545 e1


IMG_0549 e5