Graceanna’s Party

by Heidi

I harass my friends on a regular basis for not updating their blogs.  Now, I’m being harassed – which, of course, is totally justified.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get her birthday pictures up.  I’ve not been looking forward to going through all the pictures for a couple reasons.  #1 – I knew I didn’t get any great pictures, so that was disappointing.  #2 – Her party was not what I had envisioned, so I’ve been bummed about that too.  Nevertheless, here they are!

IMG_0204 - Copy

I LOVE this picture!  I think this is the first time my aunt Karen (who lives many states away) met Graceanna.  Aunt Karen is my mom’s twin sister.


The day of her actual birthday we had her open her presents from us and in-town family.  Notice the cupcakes.  This is the night she had her first cake.

IMG_0380 e1

And, I think she liked it.  She seemed to know exactly what to do and would have gladly eaten then whole thing.

IMG_0387 e1



This is her first baby doll.  She really doesn’t get it, but her hands seem good to chew on.

IMG_0424 e1

Mamaw & Poppa gave her a Fisher Price doll house.  Graceanna crouched down on one side and began looking at all the things that move.  While, Gunnar was inspecting the other side, Graceanna tried talking to him through the windows.  So cute!

The rest of these pictures are from her birthday party which was supposed to be outside at a park.  But, we had a huge downpour during the exact 2 hours of her party.  So, we quickly moved it to our house.  That was interesting.  There 35 people, many of them 3 year olds, trying to celebrate with us!

IMG_0477 e1



IMG_0485 e1

I don’t have many pictures of Graceanna with Poppa, so I love this!  (The birthday girl didn’t get one picture with her daddy!  Bummer.)


 This is my favorite picture.  Gunnar walked right up to Graceanna and grabbed her hand.  She took it and held on tight while everyone sang Happy Birthday.  This is so typical of their relationship.  He’s always been very enamored by her and now that she’s getting older, we can see her returning the love.