You have never seen this before!

by Heidi

About two weeks ago, I was preparing what I’m sure was a scrumptious dinner and realized Gunnar was very quiet.  So, I called out to him, “Gunnar?  What are you doing?” 


Uh oh.  Not good. 

Fearing what I was going to find on just the other side of the wall, I dried my hands, was poised to be annoyed, and stalked through the kitchen.  The scene I witnessed stole my breath for many reasons.  

I promise, you have never seen this before.  Those who know Gunnar, will not believe. 

Gunnar, my Gunnar, was ASLEEP on the couch! 

This dear boy of mine has hardly sat on the couch for more than a few minutes at a time in his whole life!  In fact, he was about 1 year old and had a 103 temperature; yet, he sat only for a few minutes.  And, lie on the couch?  No.  That would not happen here.

I can tell you don’t believe me.  Really, I hardly believe it myself.  But, I took a picture as proof!


Oh.  Looking at this picture again makes my heart swell.  I just love him.  He’s so sweet and so feisty and so perfectly crazy.  Back to this moment though…

Honestly, my first thought was to make sure his chest was rising and falling.  Once I confirmed that he was just sleeping, I quietly raced to get my camera, certain this moment would be brief.  Still in amazement, I called Steve.  His first question was, “Is he breathing?”  (Yes.  We are seriously messed up when it comes to our children.)   What’s more amazing is that Gunnar didn’t move an inch for over an hour and fifteen minutes!  He was not sick and he’d already had a nap that day.

Humph.  I still don’t know what to make of it.  Funny how I can know him so well and he still surprises me daily.