Seoul Teeth!

by Heidi

I’m totally cracking up at my catchy title.  But, let’s move on to my two tidbits for the day.

Last Friday, Uncle Taylor came by our house for a minute.  He was playing with Graceanna and commented about her teeth.  I was sure he’d seen her two teeth before, but he pointed out the giant swollen spot where the top tooth was about to break through.   I can’t believe I had missed it until then.  Graceanna was miserable all day Saturday, and the tooth barely broke through that night.  Her gums are still puffy in that spot.  I’ve never seen gums get that big in the “tooth coming through” process.

I also want to share my friend’s blog with you.  Catherine is one of my first friends.  I have no idea how old we were when we met, but it was definitely before we started kindergarten.  We shared life all through High School and it’s been so fun to be in contact with her again through adoption and blogging! 

Catherine and her husband just met their son, Daniel in Seoul, Korea!  They posted pictures already and he is so, so cute.  I’m talking melt your heart cute.  It’s been so fun to read about their adoption journey.  The next couple days should be fun to watch unfold through her blog.  I think she said they would be coming back to the US on Thursday.  So fast!  Anyway, her blog is I Smell Elephants on my side bar.  Check it out!

So, do you get my title?  Seoul Teeth!  I’m still chuckling.  I realize this is probably not nearly as funny to anyone else.  But, it is my blog, so I can make my own jokes and laugh at them too.