Fevers & An Aromatic Cloud

by Heidi

Graceanna didn’t get to go to school (aka Mother’s Day Out) today, because she had a 103.3 temperature yesterday afternoon.  When I picked her up from her crib yesterday I knew she had a fever.  But, she played and acted goofy the rest of the day.  I would not have known she was sick except for her temperature reading.  She slept until 10:00 today and had a low grade fever when she got up, so evidently she’s fighting something. 

Yesterday afternoon I told Gunnar that he would still get to go to school, but since Graceanna had a fever she would have to stay home so the other babies wouldn’t get sick.  He came up with a really good suggestion.  “Mommy call all your friends and tell them to keep their babies home.”  “Why? So Graceanna can go to school?”  “Yes, Mommy.  That’s a good idea huh?”  Yep.  Very good reasoning.  That Gunnar can problem solve!

The next concern in preparation for school was what Gunnar would wear.  For almost a year now, when he gets up in the morning he goes potty (well that’s been only the last few months of not wearing diapers at night) and gets himself dressed.  I pretty much let him wear whatever he wants within a few guidelines.  And, thankfully he seems to agree with most of the guidelines.

My mom found this wonderful windsuit at a great consignment store.  When she gave it to Gunnar on Monday he immediately put it on and has worn it every day since then.  Even though it’s cooler outside, it’s still warm.  Evidently he’s been a little too warm as he’s tried several variations including taking off his shirt and just wearing the jacket.  Whatever.  That’s fine. 

Today he came to our room already dressed for school, and of course he was wearing his new long sleeve, long pant combo.  Today is day 4.  Steve put his foot down and said no more windsuit until it’s washed.  Gunnar didn’t have an aromatic cloud following him, but still, it was time.  Here are a couple pictures in his beloved new jacket and pants.

IMG_0589 e1

He’s already humph-ing.  At this point I had taken like two pictures, but clearly I was taking too long.


This is what I got when I suggested a picture of the back.  Typical.


Oh.  Gunnar wore a t-shirt and shorts to school today.  Daddy always get his way!