Front Yard Swinging

by Heidi

Thist was Graceanna’s first time in the baby swing.  She loved it.  What a much needed reprieve from her fussing as she’s been mostly unhappy for the last many days.  She’s a little low on sleep and I think two more teeth may be try to come through.  I can’t see the white yet, but her gums look a little swollen on the bottom.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day!

I actually captured a huge smile on Graceanna.  Wouldn’t you know I had inadvertenly changed a setting and it’s out of focus.

IMG_0608 e1


IMG_0636 e1


IMG_0645 e1
Gunnar told me yesterday that when he grows up he’s going to play baseball and football.  Then, he would be a farmer followed by a doctor.  This kid is so strong and healthy he may actually live long enough to accomplish all of those goals!  I have to admit I was surprised by the doctor, but then he gave me flu shots with the coat hangars.  I guess that seems fun when you aren’t the one getting shots. 

I don’t know much about the things you look for when trying to spot natural talent and tendencies in sports, but he seems pretty darn good to me.  He can even hit a slow pitch from Daddy. 

IMG_0678 e1


IMG_0679 e1