She walked!

by Heidi

I’ve found myself super busy this week, so no blog posts so far.  But, I had to drop in to tell you Graceanna took her first steps today!

This morning as I was getting ready for Bible Study, I saw Graceanna stand up unassisted in her play pen.  I couldn’t tell whether or not she was getting some slight help with balance from the edges, but I knew she was not using her hands to pull herself up.  

Off to Bible Study we went.

When I picked her up, I casually asked the really sweet lady if Graceanna walked at all.  She said, “Oh yes.  Several times.  She only took a few steps before she would reach out for something, but she did it several times.” 

I don’t even know why I asked.  I kind of thought she would take her first steps soon, but I never considered it might be today! 

Just the other day I was remembering that Gunnar’s first steps were on a Saturday morning and Steve & I both witnessed it.  I was feeling kind of sad for Steve since he would probably be at work when Graceanna walked.  I never thought we’d both might miss it!   

Even though I wanted to see her first steps, I’m more excited about witnessing what is hopefully a long and full lifetime of her steps.