I Wish I had an Award

by Heidi

This week has been most unusual.  I have had the flu.  I’m not talking just feeling a little under the weather.  I’m talking sick.  Very, very sick.  I was in bed for nearly 48 hours straight.  This flu brought with it terrible body aches.  It brought a severe headache and 103+ temperature.  It brought near unconsciousness at least once and even some nausea and now a sore throat.  So, I was sick.  People go through this every day and I was nowhere near needing to be in the hospital or anything scary at all.  We all knew I would be better in a few days.

The remarkable thing here is that I have a husband who worked his day job from home, made sure I took medicine, fed the kids, cleaned up their messes, and kept them from sure self destruction all while nursing his own terrible sore throat and low fever.  He’s done this day in and day out since Tuesday afternoon when I disappeared to my room only emerging briefly to go to the doctor.  So, that’s a pretty fantastic guy I’m sure you agree.  As much as I’m thankful for all his hard work and it has been hard.

You know what really blows my mind?  He did all this with JOY!


JOY to serve Me!  JOY to serve his family!

I wish I had an award to offer.

Instead I’ll just share with you one of my favorite pictures ever.  To me this captures the essence of my Steve: fun, happy, in love with his family, and darn handsome!

IMG_0831 e3

I’m definitely on the mend.  We’re not sure if anyone else in the family has had it or not.  If they did, they had a MUCH milder case than mine.  So, we’re monitoring the kids closely for fevers but everyone seems well for now.