Carter’s Birthday

by Heidi

Saturday we were able to celebrate our nephew’s 8th birthday!  Carter’s mom had planned and prepared a a great party!  I was amazed at all the games and all tied in to the Star Wars theme.  Including Yoda Juice she concocted!

Light Saber Cake

IMG_1182 e1

Sutton (left) and Carter (right)


Gunnar on a Mission to find Princes Leia (Natalie filled lots of balloons and one had the kidnapped Princess.  All the boys loved popping these!)


The Pod Races were so fun, but I’ll tell you these boys couldn’t do the wheel barrow like we could!


Then, my camera ran out of batteries so I have no pictures of the rest of the games or the presents.  Bummer.  Good thing there where other cameras around.

Earlier in the day we had some fun with my camera!  Or at least I had some fun!
You may notice all the red.  We also enjoyed our favorite college team hold their own when everyone said it couldn’t be done.  No “W” for the books, but not the painful afternoon some were forecasting.  Gunnar was also in his red wind suit but at the last minute opted for his new black Lightening McQueen shirt.  It’s special.  McQueen says, “Boo!”

IMG_1150 e2

Carter on his new bike!

IMG_1087 e1


IMG_1071 e1

Myers (he’s one month older than Graceanna and always smiling)

IMG_1009 e1

I stole this idea from a friend and my lens was not quite wide enough, but I still love it!


And lastly, there’s this beautiful baby girl.  Or rather, little girl.

IMG_1058 e1