Don’t Touch the Hair!

by Heidi

I’ve started a new category on my blog for hair.  My intention is to include all the things I have learned so that others can benefit and also to help remind myself in case I ever have another curly headed baby.  But, today, I begin this new category with a rant

Graceanna’s hair was lookin’ cute today!  We went to our regularly scheduled outing and I dropped her off in the nursery.  Now, her hair style was a couple days old, so it wasn’t perfect, but it was still well across the acceptable-hair-do line.  In fact when I dropped her off  Miss J complimented her style.  (Miss J is not normally in Graceanna’s nursery class, but today she was their volunteer.)  I really appreciated that, because two weeks ago Miss J saw me in the parking lot and asked if I knew how to do her hair as it was not pulled back but instead curly and full.  I assured her I did and continued a great conversation about all sorts of things.

Two hours later, I pick up my daughter.  Miss J decided to twist each of her 5 puffs.  She had nothing to secure the twists with so they were all fuzzy and not very twisted, and they were sticking out everywhere.  I was TICKED!  Miss J had already left, which was probably a good thing or I fear my mouth would have gotten me in trouble, but she left a message for me with the regular nursery lady (who is wonderful!).  My message included things about her hair needing to be twisted for this reason or that and of course, needs moisture and oil.

I will not defend my care of Graceanna’s hair other than to say hair STYLES are OPINIONS.  I will fix her hair how I like it until Graceanna can tell me otherwise.  And, I know how to care for her hair and I do it well.  Her hair is not dry and it has plenty of moisture and oil.  Her hair is very curly and curly hair will NEVER shine like straight hair.  More on all of this later in future posts about the way hair works.

For your enjoyment I’m including a few picks of Pippy Longstocking.  Ok.  It’s not Pippy Longstocking.  It’s Graceanna after Miss J got ahold of her head.



I have decided that Miss J was probably just trying to help me.  It felt like an insult but I believe it was well intentioned advice.  I have to remember this experience when I want to “help” someone who doesn’t think they need help.

Now I will spend the next 30 minutes fixing her hair.