The Middle Mom – Book Reccomendation

by Heidi

The Middle Mom: How to Grow Your Heart by Giving It Away ...a foster mom's journey

The Middle Mom is an easy read that tugged at my heart-strings and made me think about my priorities at every page turn.  It’s written by a woman I have met a few times and she warmed my heart and ministered to me during our journey to Graceanna.  She is as sweet as she sounds.  In her book, she tells about her experience loving many children in her home as a foster mom and also an adoptive mom.

On page one Christie reminisces about being a child and wanting to be a black singer.  I don’t know if Christie is a singer or not, but she is most definitely not black.  After completing the book, I was still thinking about this inconsequential story and something was resonating with me.  Finally, I reached into the recesses of my memory and I realized I had the same dream minus the singing.

To find my story believable at all, you need to know I can walk outside and come back in with a tan.  And who doesn’t love a good tan!  Even though I like that deep golden glow of summer, I lather on the sunscreen these days.  However, this story occurred before the skin cancer awareness days.

So, my great tanning, lead to a conversation with my dad.  Our conversation went something like this, “Dad, you know how I get really dark in the summer?”  “Yes…”  “You know, in the summer when I’m really dark… do you think people might think I am part African-American?”  “Well, sure.  I think that’s possible.  You do get really dark.”  Yes!  And, off to school I went.

I was in about first or second grade.  It was a crisp, cool, fall day.  Several of us were on the monkey bars and I had an announcement I couldn’t wait to make!    I made sure I was in good position for maximum ears and I blurted out, “I’m probably part black.  One of my biologic parents must have been African American.”

Where was the excitement?  Why are they looking at me with blank faces?  You don’t think so?  I hurried to add my proof.  “I’m very, very dark in the summer.”

The moment passed.  We all resumed trying to cross the bars without falling to the sand.  I was very disappointed.  No one seemed to agree that my conclusion was likely.  Actually, I think they thought I was crazy.

Twenty-five (or so) years later, this desire still rings true for me and while I’ll never be black, I enjoyed this memory and the emotions The Middle Mom stirred in me.   Even my mom, who doesn’t like to read too much, read it in one day.  Now, that’s an endorsement!

I just included my little story to bring you a little humor and to share a little bit more of my craziness.  I want to be clear, children in foster care are ALL colors.  And, Christie’s book is not about fostering or adopting “outside your race.” Her book is about her heart which has been broken as she grieves the babies she’s loved deeply and then lost.  It’s also about her heart which continues to grow in capacity to love even more and show others that it’s possible for us too.  We can make a difference.  Even if you have no intention of ever fostering or adopting, I hope you will read this book.  Maybe it will stir memories of a childhood dream or stir your heart into action by finding a way to care for the truly innocent ones.  If nothing else, it will open your eyes to the real experiences in a world you may not know exists.

To buy her book and find out more, click here.    She also has a blog I have enjoyed.