Smiley Girl

by Heidi

Graceanna’s top left tooth broke through this past weekend.  I could see the top it for about a week before it came through.  It didn’t seem to bother her much, but she’s still drooling a lot.

Graceanna is riding my mom’s rocking horse.  As you can tell by her smile, she loves it.  And, she’s so proud of herself.  She can rock it back and forth on her own power.  Her legs are just long enough that if she leans to one side, she reach the bottom which helps her to keep her balance.  I don’t remember Gunnar really knowing how to rock the horse until he was several months older.  I also don’t remember him liking the horse as much as she does.

IMG_1460 e1

IMG_1454 e1


She’s smiling in anticipation of the lunch Grandma put together for her.  She’d had a really good nap that morning, so she was really happy – and hungry!  She loves Poppa’s pork cutlet, as does Gunnar.