Say “Momma”

by Heidi

Coming soon to a blog near you:  Pictures from Gunnar’s Birthday Parties! 

But, first a conversation with Graceanna.  I walked into Graceanna’s room this morning to get her out of bed and start our day.  I said, “Hiiiiii!  Graceanna.”  She said, “Hiiiiiiiii.”  So, I tried some more.

Me:  Graceanna, say Momma

Graceanna:  Dadda

Me:  No.  Mama

Graceanna:  Dadda

Me:  No.  Mamamamama

Graceanna:  Dadadadadada

Well, fine.

Graceanna is then playing in her room.  The baby gate is in the doorway to contain her while I try to quickly clean the bathroom.  About 15 minutes into bathroom cleaning, I hear “Mamamamama!”   Wouldn’t you know Graceanna is standing at the gate looking for me!  That little turkey!