Birthday Party #1

by Heidi

We celebrated Gunnar’s 4th Birthday with a family party on Saturday, November 8.  Gunnar could not wait for his cousins to arrive!  Aunt Natalie brought Carter, Sutton and Myers to celebrate with us.  Grandma and Grandpa came over too.

Steve took Gunnar and Sutton geo-caching while Natalie and I, the two babies, and Carter went for a little walk.  The weather was so gorgeous.  It was sunny and warm.  I had on a short-sleeved sweater and was very warm.  We ate tacos for dinner and then Gunnar was ready to open presents. 



He was very sweet about Sister playing with his bows, and he didn’t seem mind having her help him.






Aunt Nat and Graceanna sharing a sweet moment.


We took a little break from the festivities when Sutton fell outside and cut his head on a brick.  There was lots of blood but it turned out that his injury wasn’t too bad.  After a little clean up, bandaging, and more clean up we were ready to have cake!



My mom made the cake of course.  I love it!  Mom and I wanted him to have a Cars theme again this year.  I found some Cars invitations that were so cute!  Gunnar was really torn because he still loves Cars, but he also wanted Transformers.  (He, one time, saw a picture of Transformers and loved them.  He thinks they are robots)  So, I decided we could do both themes since we were having family over on the weekend and friends on the afternoon of his birthday.




It’s so rare for me to be in a picture since I’m always shooting, so I’m including this picture even though it’s blurry.  Plus, Gunnar is looking and smiling.  That’s amazing.


W spent all day Sunday playing with Gunnar’s new toys.  He’s been up a little after 6:00 every morning this week to play with his train set.  James, the red engine & Edward who is green were added to his collection.  He also got some fun bridges and The Roundhouse!  We’ve parked everyone in the house and pulled everyone out more times than I care to count.  But, it’s been so much fun.

These two pictures were taken Sunday morning.  I got up to find him playing while wearing his new Bumblebee (Transformer) costume.  Cute!