Thanksgiving Craftiness

by Heidi

I made this super cute Thanksgiving craft with the help of my mom and the inspiration from this blog.  Basically, it was more than just inspiration, I totally copied this idea but made some modifications.

All of my letters and leaves are stamps from Close to My Heart (my mom is a consultant for CTMH stamps and scrapbook stuff) and the base of it is a placemat.  I have 3 extra placemats if anyone is interested.

I used a 3×3 envelope template to make the little pockets.  (The original idea was made using bags which the blogger said she got from Target.)  Inside each pocket is a piece of cardstock to write down our blessings and all we give thanks for this year!

On the top right corner of each envelope, I wrote the date.  We are going to start our Give Thanks the day after Gunnar’s birthday every year.  That’s why my calendar starts with November 12th.  If you want to do the whole month of November, you will need a larger placemat (this one is actually on the small side) or use a smaller envelope/bag.

I wanted my Give Thanks calendar to be transferable from  year to year, and since Thanksgiving Day is on a different date each year, I had to figure something out.  I ended up stamping this “Happy Thanksgiving.”  It’s attached with a spiral clip (I love those spiral clips!)   Since it’s not attached with any adhesive, it will be easy to just clip it on to another date next year.