Christmas Season Pictures

by Heidi

Dearest Aiming Arrows Blog,

Yes, it is true I have completely neglected you my dear blog.  But to make it up to you, this being my first post in almost a month, I’m going to decorate you with some images of my favorite Christmas decor and my two kiddos.  I hope you don’t mind that before moving on to 2010, I will have to add a few more posts with all the fun things we did in our December celebrations.

Your long-lost author and originator


I love the lights of a Christmas tree!

Such cuteness!  I was thankful to realize that these Christmas decorations at my mom’s house were plastic.

See the angels on my mantel?  I have admired those for the last few years at a friend’s house.  Well, this year she gave them to me!  After a little repair by my handy hubby, they were displayed proudly.  The stockings were all knit by my mom.  She worked really hard to fit “Graceanna” on the top.  My mom gave me that wreath a couple years ago and I love it so much I have left it up year ’round.  I think I’m ready for a change but I know I will look forward to hanging it each year.

Graceanna, what are you thinking?  I’m not sure I like the mischief in that expression!

I love these two people!

Steve’s mom gave us these winter village houses during the first years we were married.  I don’t pull them out every year but I’m always glad when I do.  Outside our front door Steve hung garland with white lights.  I almost love that more than our tree. 

A few days after we decorated for Christmas, Gunnar asked, “when are we going to decorate the house?”  I’m thinking, “you’ve got to be kidding me!”  I thought we were out doing ourselves by the garland and lights around the front door.   His very literal brain was asking why we weren’t decorating the actual house.  He really wants lights all over the outside of the house.  I’m sure he would like some singing trees like the neighbors down the road, but I didn’t mention it.  As any quick thinking parent would do, I told him he’d have to talk with Daddy about “decorating the house.”