Gingerbread Houses

by Heidi

I hope making gingerbread houses becomes an annual tradition for our family.

If you look closely you can see Gunnar’s favorite part of building a gingerbread house written all over his face.

The builders worked hard sharing ideas and technique.  The Big House, planned and constructed by Neenie & Grandma, even had cool ice cycles.  
(Gunnar with his Neenie, Grandma, and Daddy)   

Gunnar and Daddy precisely crafted their Little House which even included a garage door on the back.

The completed houses.  Both are works of art!  I think the consensus is that we will do Little Houses next year rather than the Big House.

This last picture (courtesy of Neenie!) shows the houses displayed on snow which really did make a cute finishing touch!

Some of you may be wondering what Graceanna was doing during all of this gingerbread activity.  Watching the baby was my job.  But, you can see what I was doing.  Taking pictures!  I found Baby Girl doing whatever she wanted, which was basically just exploring the tree and all the shiny (and breakable) decorations.  Oooops.  I didn’t really do my job too well.