Bokehs, Concerts, and Trains

by Heidi

I love taking pictures of Christmas lights.  Unfortunately, I discovered that my lens needs some serious help from a professional technician.  The good thing is that I can’t see the problem except when I’m doing these bokeh shots.  And, since sweet hubby bought me another lens for Christmas, I can just use that one when I want to work on some blur.  But, I’m sad that my first lens is sick.

Bokeh is totally in the eye of the beholder.  And, this beholder loves it!  The term bokeh is often talked about in contexts similar to the example above, where the entire is shot is a blur and usually the blur is of lights.  Bokeh actually just refers to the out of focus area in any photo like a portrait with the subject in focus and then the blury background is the bokeh.  

Mid-December Steve and I got to spend some time together and away.  i.e. we went on a date!  While we were eating dinner, we found out Shane & Shane  were having a concert in a town not too far away.  We love Shane & Shane, so we decided to see if we could still get tickets.  Not only did we get tickets we got great seats!  A few years ago we went to another one of their concerts.  That particular night, they were in some tough spots in their own lives.  And as they continued through their show, Steve and I both felt as though a balm were applied to our hearts as we were in some difficult times too.  This concert was totally different though!  We had so much fun singing along with their Christmas songs and some of their own songs.  Also, if you want to hear a couple guys who sound great together, this is them! 

The next three pictures are from a winter village exhibit at Gunnar’s school.  There were several trains running through the village which was so much fun!  Aunt Sandi (aka Neenie) took the third picture and it gives a little feel for the size of the display although it was probably 3 times bigger.