Trading Babies

by Heidi

Several weeks ago, I explained to Gunnar that Miss Amanda had to give away their beloved dog.  Katie Bell was getting old.  To protect their children, Dave and Amanda with broken hearts, decided they had to find her a new home.  Thankfully, they found a wonderful home for Katie Bell and they will continue to have opportunities to spend time with her.

Well, Gunnar was not particularly interested in my tale of poor ole Katie Bell.  But, her situation gave him what he thought was the perfect idea, “Mommy.  Can we give Graceanna to them and they give Caleb away to us?  That’s a good idea, huh?”

My response was a very adament and boisterous and incredulous.  “NO!  Graceanna is our baby and Caleb is theirs!”

You have to understand that Gunnar adores his sister and I know it wouldn’t have been long before he was ready to trade back.  Of course, Gunnar would like it if Graceanna was older and bigger so she could play rough with him.  That’s where Caleb comes in.  Caleb is a few months older than Graceanna but he is all boy.  Just like Gunnar.  When Gunnar walks in the room, Caleb lights up with delight.  Who wouldn’t want to be around all that admiration!

My strong negative response must have really gotten through to Gunnar because he’s never talked about trading again.

In fact, last Thursday Gunnar had a great time at Kids Day Out a.k.a. School.  He talked about his friends including who was a nice boy and who maybe wasn’t so much.    Evidently, Silas is a nice boy.  

Later that same evening Gunnar told me he wanted a baby-boy-brother, and “I gonna name him Silas.”

I was somewhat stunned but agreed a baby-boy-brother might be nice.  I also emphasized that I didn’t know if God has planned any more babies for our family.  As it stands right now, the daddy in our family thinks our current number of four family members is perfect.  I agree.  It is quite nice to be a family of four.  You know, the world was made for families of four. 

 However, when Daddy comes around to seeing things the way Gunnar does, he will not have to ask me twice about my readiness to add a 5th member.