He’s A Grown Up Now

by Heidi

It’s true.  I’ve been informed that Gunnar is now all grown up. He broke the news to me while we were playing in his room.  Here’s how it went down.

Gunnar:  Mommy, I an adult.

Me:  No. You are not an adult. 

Gunnar:  I an adult.

Me:  If you were an adult you would no longer live with me.

Gunnar:  I an adult.

Me:  (Now, I begin to whine a little.)  Gunnar, I don’t want you to be an adult, because you are only 4.

Gunnar:  (Looking at me like I’m a little crazy, and fully aware I swallowed the bait as well as the hook.)

Me:  (Trying to bring a little reality to his idea.)  When you grow up, you will probably get married and have children and you won’t live at home with Daddy and me.

Gunnar:  I an adult now.

Me:  (In defeat, I play along.)  Ok.  Well, who are you going to marry?

Gunnar:  Kennedy.  (Duh, mom.  We’ve been over this before.)  But, she has to get older like me and bigger like me.

Well, darling Gunnar, I hate to break it to you, but Kennedy is only 3 days younger than you, and she will never be as big as you.  (Kennedy is at least 3 inches shorter than Gunnar and he has at least 10 pounds on her.)

She is a cutie.

Especially when she’s dressed as Spider Girl.

And chasing a Storm Trooper.