Letters, Friends, and a Warm-up

by Heidi

Gunnar wants to learn to read.  He knows all his letters but is still learning what sound each letter makes.  So, we’re making crafts as we talk about each letter, reading books about subjects that start with that letter, and we even had a few special snacks to correspond with each letter.  (Almost all of the letter crafts and book recommedations, I copied from this blog.)

As Gunnar has become more comfortable with our crafting he has taken great liberties with my plan.  The “H” is definitely not what I had planned.  Gunnar traced my hand as well as his own, but I picked the pink paint that makes it appear I have the measles in addition to a very infected thumb and forefinger.  The tiny little pink hearts just add another element of craziness to the letter “h”.  But, I will tell you the boy knows how “h” sounds!

We’ve also been playing outside some.  We’ve had a few really warm days.  Even the birds seemed to think Spring was here.

Notice there is still ice on the deck.  So, it’s warmer, but definitely not toasty.

Aren’t they so cute!

So, we went from cold to warm and back to cold again.

Ok.  Not really.  This is acutally from a few weeks ago.  But, it’s felt pretty darn cold to me.

We’ve also been playing with friends.  This is a picture of Graceanna with her friend Rose who was born one month before her. 

I’m sure we’ve been doing lots of other things, too, but these are the only pictures I have, so I’ll just leave it at that!