The Power of Daddy’s Words

by Heidi

Steve and I went to college with Charlie who is now a pastor at one of our church’s location.  It’s been so fun to read Charlie’s blog posts which range from his running commentary about tv shows to thought provoking topics.  A lot of his posts are about parenting, which I love!  I’m including a link to one particular post because I think it’s one of those rare nuggetts of wisdom that we get from someone who is already walking the road we are just beginning.  I hope you enjoy!

“So it turns out that I don’t have enough time in a weekend to do my paying job (pastor), playing the role of mom and to do my non-paying job (blog-writer).  For some pre-thought on my role as “mom” for the weekend, check this out. 

We had a blast this weekend.  We had a sleepover upstairs.  The three of us piled up matresses, blankets, beanbags, etc.  We watched movies and fell asleep.  (I woke up at 3:30 and decided that I wasn’t really sleeping and went downstairs.)  We also played the “Gimme That Fish” McDonalds commercial on Youtube no fewer than 25 times over the weekend.  We played with friends, won two basketball games, had a great weekend of church services.  It was great.

However, there was one moment that still sticks out it my head that I just can’t shake.  Maylee and I were taking Lauren to soccer practice and as we were pulling in she asked if we were going to stay and watch.  She said in such a way that made it pretty clear that she didn’t want us to stay.  So I’m trying to get out of her…” 

to finish the story please click on this link.