Hair Barrettes

by Heidi

A few weeks ago I bought barrettes so I’d have the supplies ready for the moment when I would take the next plunge in hair styles.  I’ve prepared myself by checking out every little girl I see with multiple puffs, braids, and especially barrettes. I don’t know why this was such a milestone for me especially since the hair itself is separated into sections just like I’ve been doing for many months. 

Last night was the night!  

I think it looks right.  What do you think?  One thing I’ve learned from much careful observation is that there are lots of possibilities!

Here’s the How To:

  1. Section the hair as normal and secure with an elastic band at the scalp
  2. On top of the elastic band secure a decorative band with plastic balls or the like
  3. Comb through the length of the hair in each section (I do this when her hair is wet.  You could also do it with a moisturizing product.*)
  4. Then twist each section by splitting the hair into two sections and putting one over the other repeatedly (you could choose to braid too)
  5. Secure the end with another elastic band (optional depending on hair type.  I did not do this)
  6. Add a decorative hair barrette.  I only used the barrette and it has stayed in fairly well.)

Note:  I never, ever comb through her hair without it either being wet with water or a moisturizing/styling product.