“Pure and Undefiled”

by Heidi

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress…”  James 1:27

I have heard that verse quoted countless times by adoption and foster care related ministries and organizations, but I always walk away wondering what it really means.  Today I came a little closer to having some ideas through hearing from one of the speakers of Summit VI – John Piper.  (Yes!  John Piper!  I want to go to Summit VI just to hear and see him in person!)  Click here to see a 2 minute video from John Piper where he very, very briefly gives his thoughts about why caring for orphans is pure and undefiled religion.

So, what’s all this Summit VI about?  Well, it’s a conference hosted by Christian Alliance for OrphansOne of their goals is to organize Christians to speak with a united voice on behalf of orphans which is how I have become involed – part of that united voice through my blog!  So my first post is regarding Summit VI which they are hosting in Minneapolis, MN on April 29-30, 2010. 

Are you interested in knowing what to do with your passion for the orphans as a result of the earthquake in Haiti, the children in our own country who have never felt the comfort and security of a family and home, or maybe you are stirred by the dark skinned, curly haired, brown eyed girl you’ve dreamed about for months?  No matter which spot on the globe draws your heart, you can find answers at Summit VI.  They will have several great speakers including John Piper as I mentioned and also Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman.  Check out the website or contact me for more information.  It should prove to be inspiring as well as informative.

Now is the time to do something with the fervor in your heart.  Don’t let fear stop you.  So, you are not ready to adopt yet?  Well, at least get some answers to your questions.  Maybe you will learn that foster care or giving financially is your calling rather than adopting.  I can only imagine how great Summit VI will be for answering questions and confirming your desire to answer the command to visit orphans in their distress.  I hope you will consider taking that next step.

One final thought; for those of you who are local, Steve and I can connect you with the right people in our area to answer your questions and begin your journey!