First Time at the Park

by Heidi

Neenie was in town over the weekend.  The weather was beautiful.  So, we all went to the park which was Graceanna’s first time.  Gunnar loves this park because he and Poppa go here often during our weekly visits.

We started off with the swings.  She seemed to like it pretty well.

Soon it was time to move on to the slides.

Pretty fun!

Then, she wanted to go down the big slide.

It started out nice but soon she was out of control!

So, she rode down with Brother.  He really enjoyed having her sit on his lap. 

She loved the slide and kept asking to be taken up to ride down again and again.

Then, she’d usually clap for herself.

Gunnar was jumping like a Super Hero with help from Daddy.

This is the only photo I got of Graceanna & Neenie, and I got zero of Gunnar and Neenie.  Bummer.  I will have to do better next time.