Our New Friend

by Heidi

Last week Gunnar came in from playing in the backyard to tell me he met a new friend.  She’s kind of our backyard neighbor and since Gunnar climbed to the top of our fence he could see her head as she jumped on her trampoline.  Gunnar was excited to tell me that he showed her his shoes, and she liked them.  She showed him her boots.  I’m not sure if he liked them.  In fact, I can’t quite figure out how he lifted his leg up over the top of the fence while still holding on to the fence.  Maybe Gunnar and his new friend have special shoe spying super hero powers.

Here, Gunnar is watching our neighbor dog Lily.  I love the delight on his face.  That’s my boy –  deeply enjoying the simplest things in life.

After he watched Lily for a while I notice his new friend was out on her trampoline.  At first Gunnar was disappointed that she wasn’t talking to him.  I suggested he call her name. 

I was really curious to see what he would call her as her name has been in great question to me.  The first afternoon he talked with his new friend, he told me her name was Bonina (Bow-Neena).  The next morning he couldn’t remember but thought her name might be Banana.  I reminded him he said it was Bonina.  “Oh yah.  Bonita.” 

Anyway, he decided to call her name.


To my surprise and his excitement we heard,


“Momma!  She talked to me!”

I still am not totally sure of her name.  I looked up Bonina on Google and it doesn’t look likely that that is her name.  But, here’s the definition I found for Bonita: Bonita is a feminine given name. It means “pretty, beautiful” in Spanish and Portuguese.