Crafts with Lucy

by Heidi

Yesterday we had so much fun with our friend Lucy.  We played outside, ate lunch, and made some crafts.  Sometimes things can go awry during playdates (or even just by ourselves) but today was not one of those days!  Everyone ate well, everyone was kind, and it seemed we all enjoyed each other’s company.  Yay!

Our first craft was to make a dinosaur.  A Stegosauris to be exact.  Gunnar told us all that a stegosauris is a herbivore which means they eat plants.  Ok, so he knows a little about dinosaurs…   Then, I asked Gunnar if he knew if dinosaurs lived before or after Jesus was born.  I thought we might discuss it some, but his answer left no room for follow up.  He said, “They lived before Jesus in the Jurasic Period.”  Ok then. 

Lucy picked pink for her dinsosaur with brother Gus looking on wishing his Momma and I would loosen up and let him get after it with the big kids.  Gunnar picked green and his sister did get a good handful of paint.

When Allison saw the clothes pins, we were both excited and said, “Oh yes!  Those are for those bumpy, spiky, er things on their backs!”  Gunnar said, “It’s for their plates.”  It’s nice being schooled in all things dinosaur by a pre-schooler.  Miss Allison told Gunnar he was really smart.  He said it was because he had a big brain in his head.  You kind of had to be there for that one, but to Gunnar’s Momma there’s not much cuter that listening to him talk – about anything really.

Our next craft was putting some buds on the tree I had drawn for them using q-tips and water color.  We talked about the buds that show up on the trees in Spring. 

Of course, neither of these crafts were my own idea.  I found them at No Time for Flash Cards.  As I do just about every craft I make with G.