Developmental Things

by Heidi

I’ve read multiple sources each talking about the motor skill development being different in boys and girls with girls tending to develop the fine motor skills several years sooner than boys.  Looking at the crafts K and Gunnar bring home from school have made me suspect this was true in Gunnar’s case.  Last weekend I had a front row seat to see these differences play out.

I picked out a flower craft for us to do.  I was just in the mood for flowers since we are experiencing some warm sunny days.  Gunnar was not impressed when he heard it was going to be a flower craft, “I don’t like flowers.”  I’ve never heard him say that before.  I didn’t pick the craft because our friend is a girl.  I just wanted to do flowers.  I had no idea he would protest.

K was immediately excited about the flowers and she quickly began coloring her petals.  Soon Gunnar joined the fun presumably ignoring the fact that we were making flowers.

The first thing I noticed which pertains to motor skills is that K was able to color the tiny petals with no problem.  G had marker all over his hands and the counter.

Next, I noticed that K’s was pastel colors and G’s was almost exclusively dark colors.  K also picked a pink background for her flowers while G picked white.

K & G were both excited to add the glitter glue to our flowers giving them a bit of sparkle.  The glitter glue is a bit difficult to manage I must say, but K seemed to do fine.  She followed my instructions to just put a line down the middle of each petal.  G couldn’t control how hard to squeeze the tube, so he has very nice round blobs of glitter.

And, the final thing I noticed was that Gunnar decided to make it a race to see who could complete the craft first.  All the while, K is intently coloring and glittering her flowers.

Gunnar declared himself the winner since he completed the craft with 2 flowers and K was still finishing her 5 flowers. 🙂

Oh.  One more thing that I found interesting.  Gunnar wanted his 2 flowers in a straight line right next to each other but K wanted hers to be spread around. 

I find the differences in people so interesting!  I just love to watch G and his friends interact.  Their individual strengths, preferences, physical development, and personality are continually showing up, and I love it!

PS – I realize most of the things I listed are not related to motor skills or even boy vs girl differences.