Today It Hit Me

by Heidi

Do you ever have those times when you have clarity about natural, normal, everday kind of things?  Just a few minutes ago I realized Gunnar is growing up.  Obviously this is not news, but it hit me how he is changing.  So, thinking out loud I said, “Gunnar you are growing into a bigger boy, and I don’t really like it.” 

Of course he asked, “Why?” 

Oh.  Well, that’s a good question.  “I guess because I love to hold you and kiss you,” I finally told him. 

 “Well, when I’m big you can still hold me.  I will let you.” 

“Oh!  You will?  That will be great!  I will love that time!” 

 The Mr. Logical said, “If you can hold my weight when I’m big, you can hold me.”