Easter Dress

by Heidi

Graceanna’s Easter dress made and smocked by Grandma with love!

I think God made little girls so Grandmas would have a reason to smock. 

I have always admired smocked dresses but I never really expected to dress my little girl in them.  Have you seen the price on those things!  Graceanna’s first smocked dress was given to us when she was just a few months old by, my SIL, Natalie’s friend who was cleaning out her daughters’ closets.  Can you believe she just gave us smocked dresses!

As soon as Graceanna was born, my mom, who has been an incredible seamstress all of my life, decided she might try smocking.  I was excited, because I knew that if Mom decided to do it, it would be NICE.  Anything my mom makes is done with high quality materials and skills.

So, this is the first dress my mom smocked for Graceanna.  I had it all set aside and ready for her to wear to church on Easter Sunday last year, but unfortunately we didn’t get to go because of some yucky stomach bug here.  Last year this was a long dress, but my mom made the neck big enough so Graceanna could wear it for two years, and now it’s a short dress.

I think it’s pretty cute!  Thanks Grandma!

This last pic is of Graceanna and the one she adores.  I think the feeling might be mutual.  What do you think?