Easter Eggs & Baskets

by Heidi

We had a little Easter Egg Hunt with the our friends’ children.  Their grandma lives two houses down from us.  Gunnar always wants to see Cade when we notice his car is there.  A couple weekends ago we all had a garage sale at the same time, and the 6 kiddos had so much fun running back and forth between our houses, climbing trees, and taking a snack breaks.  So, it was completely expected they’d want to see each other Easter weekend too.

Cade and Gunnar racing around.  Cade is 6 months older than Gunnar.

Cade’s sister, Anna.  Cade also has a newborn sister, Haley.

Graceanna enjoyed finding treats in their eggs!

 Another of Gunnar’s friends, Jordan.  Jordan is also Cade’s cousin.

Jordan’s brother, Drew.  Drew is about 3 weeks older than Graceanna.

I love making Easter baskets and I remember loving my Easter basket as a child.  Thanks to my mom, my kids had some really cute things in their baskets.  Gunnar got a pair of pants which you can’t see, but he loves them.  He also got a really cool 3D puzzle.  It’s 100 pieces and we’ve all enjoyed it.  Graceamma got a super cute new outfit and a little bunny that wiggles his behind as he rolls across the floor.  Steve and I contributed the chocolate bunnies and the balls.  We also hid 8 eggs in our living room filled with coins and candy, just as mine were filled when I was young.  All my Dad’s old hiding places came right back to me as I stashed our eggs. 

Our Easter weekend was so fun: eggs and treats and baskets and friends.  And, everything was wrapped in what was truly special.  For the first time, Gunnar understood that not only did Jesus die fulling the payment we could not pay, but Jesus also came back to life demonstrating his power over all and that He did indeed make our payment for us.  It is so amazing watching Gunnar learn the things of God as we diligently live the one true God in front of him.